Now running 11.4

Updated my 11.3 to Factory](

Have fun… :slight_smile:

Already bored? lol!

Getting ready for some more bug squashing :wink:
It’s going to be a long haul to 11.4 release.

Just kidding. Keep us up to date as it progresses.

I updated KDE to 4.6
Here is sysinfo:/](

How is Kde4.6?, any new improvements over 4.5. How about speed and stability.
I am still wondering, will this Knetworkmanager wireless networks showing will be fixed in 4.5?, is it showing networks in 4.6?

It’s pretty stable considering what it actually is.
The configured networks in NM are still Blank in 4.6 :frowning:

There is nothing jumping out at me as that different from 4.5, but I haven’t had much time with it as I only moved to it yesterday and I have been rather busy otherwise. ATM amarok was removed and will not install due to dependencies. I’m looking in to that as time permits.

Thanks Carl for the quick update.
Hope the NM issue will be fixed before final release of 4.5.

Latest update today and NM is fixed.

Is it for Kde4.5?, packages are avialable in factory to update?

I am using 4.6
But the same bug was in 4.5 also so I’m assuming it get a fix there too.

My system is upto date, so it mean i have to wait until Tuesday for the final release packages to be pushed to factory.

Carl, where can I found the image you have as wallpaper? I still
fighting with the 11.3 :frowning:

I uploaded it here
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