Novice & Serial Ports

I am trying to install serial ports on Suse 11.0. I have installed a SYBA (Moschip PCI9835) PCI card which does operate under windows. I have done the setserial thing and it seems to be ok. The program (fldigi) doesn’t find the ham radio although I am not sure that I have the program configured correctly. Also, the program finds the serial ports as root user, but in my normal user, it does not find the ports. I have given my normal user the tty group, but I am assuming that it needs another permission also. Is there a terminal emuliation program out there, or another method to check if the serial port is ok. Before you suggest USB, these radio’s have a very hard time with USB to serial converters. Guess it is old technology in the radio.



minicom is the one usually mentioned.

Not an expert, but I would start by having a look at ‘/etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules’. There should be a line like this:

KERNEL==“tty[A-Z]|pppox|ircomm*|noz*”, GROUP=“uucp”

If you make sure the user is a member of the ‘uucp’ group, all should be ok.

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