November 2009 Screenshot Thread](](](](](
My openSUSE 11.2 KDE4.3.1 desktop.](

Nice and simple. With openSUSE 11.2 so close to release (I’m using the RC2 right now) I wanted a nice window decoration that fit well with the default KDE4 wallpaper. Loving the Aero-style decoration, I decided to make my own green openSUSE version (seen in screenshot above). Check it out here:

OpenSUSE 11.2 KDE 4 Green Aero

My openSUSE 11.2 Desktop so far

Heres my current OpenSUSE desktop for the month of November. My taskbars are normally hidden, but for the purpose of this screenshot, I brought them out to play >:)

Gotta admit, seeing the screenshots here is usually better than looking elsewhere (and more safe for work!) :wink:

My current desktop

can I get this wallpaper? …my girlfriend loves it :slight_smile:

if you mean mine here it is RS wallpaper link


Death Hamsters!](


hamster fighting machine by ~Urbanrang3r on deviantART

Eat that windows 7!

That one is just too evil.
But evil.>:)

(I like, though, the “Play together with friends” part, and the “If your hampster looks like this, you are doing something terribly wrong.”)

my nice desktop : )

djvujke, there is no picture :frowning:

What is that weather widget??

YAWP (yet another weather plasmoid) by the looks of it

Xfce 4.6.1](](

Yes NiphraDil, yours was it. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:](

Simple Opensuse 11.2 desktop, KDE 4.3 with glassified theme. Background is Winter Track. Came with KDE.