Novell OpenOffice spellcheck language

Hi: I run OpenSUSE 11.1 x64 and KDE 4.3. Very much enjoy using openOffice. However, I want to use UK English as my default language and spell checker. I’m not sure how to install the UK spellchecker or where to get it. If anyone has some wisdom on this I’d be grateful. John

If you have UK as your locale, you should get UK English as your default unless you have not installed the UK English dictionaries for some reason.

If your locale is not the UK, use Tools>Options>Language Settings>Languages to set the default for documents. (You can also use this to select the default language for a document when you do not want to use your default).

You will see English (UK) appear in the lower panel and, if you are using more than one language in a document, you can click on this to change the language in mid-document.

You can see if you have UK English dictionaries installed when you select Format>Character>Font>Language because it will show in the list of selections.