Novel KDE Behaviour

I’m running KDE 4.2.4 on openSuse 11.0 32-bit, using NVidia drivers 185.18.14. I’m experiencing some odd “screen memory” with my system.

When I start up my laptop with my external monitor plugged in, the laptop monitor shows the usual openSuse stuff; however, the external monitor is a jumbled mosaic of bits of applications which I had used in my previous session. This clears when the boot sequence is complete, but it is particularly odd when a number of the application images relate to applications which were closed normally before shutdown.

Not really a problem (I don’t think), but I’d be interested to learn whether this can be fixed, and whether anyone else has experienced this. I’m not sure it’s good for the monitor.

By the way, it’s not the monitor - I experience the same issue with a different external monitor at a different location.

It’s a known bug. If you get sick of the artifacts and flickering, you can install kdebase3-kdm and make that work instead of kdm4. The combo of NVidia driver and kdm4 is causing the phenomenon.
To change kdm4 to kdm:
kdesu ‘kedit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager’, change the line containing kdm4 to kdm (remove the ‘4’). After a reboot glitches should be gone.

Thanks - what effect will that have on my desktop? I’ve spent a bit of time getting things the way I like them, and the artefacts (thanks for the description!) aren’t that annoying. I was just curious about them.

This bug is not only NVidia Specific,
I had this issue with my Intel GM965.
I don’t think changing KDM (login screen)
can somehow affect your desktop.
I tried numerous version and that did not
change anything in my desktop settings.
That is just the login screen.

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