Novatel U727 and Linux

When I first tried to get my Novatel U727 working in SLED 10.1 I found the following site

» Sprint Mobile Broadband with Linux — Part 1 TrainedPenguin: Haxor Friendly](

I configured wvdial as instructed and wrote a shell script too, so the machine would recognize the modem.

The two main lines as taken from the tutorial are"

sudo modprobe -r usbserial
sudo modprobe vendor=0x1410 product=0x4100

However, sometime the script does not work. Mainly when I remove and replace the modem.
Or just plug it in when the machine is already running. In these cases I go into Yast and do an “edit” on modem settings, i don’t actually change anything but just go through the process and hit next, next etc. Anyway I am wondering if there is something better to add to my script or perehap a way to copy some of edit code from the Yast file into a new script that would let me “hotboot” the modem. This way I could put an icon on the desktop and just press it to make the machine recognize the modem. Any thoughts?

If you have GNOME I found a way cool solution. Basically I was hoping to be able to hotboot the modem and while that would be nice, the problem I got using the modprobe commands I discuss earlier was that sometime it failed, also when it work it might take a minute or some to update.

But wait astronomy campers, GNOME to the rescue, sort and good enough for me.

When the modem is plugged in after booting up, or remove and replaced, I would sometime get an error message running my modeprobe script say something to the effect “port is already in use” the line: modprobe -r usbserial was causing it. Additionally, when it is plugged in the above manner, it is first recgonized as a flash device and a file browser pops up. I close that of course.

So here is where GNOME came to the rescue. On the control panel I selected Add a new item. This was “Disk Mount” so when I plug in the modem the a icon appears on the control panel. I click to dismount it and then wvdial, network manger or kinternet all work fine from there. No script at all. Not quite plug and play, but good enough for me.

Laslty, if you have other devices like a stick or SD
card, the “disk mount” icon will show them all. Which can take up a bit of precious room on your control panel. The solution is to use the “file drawer” icon on the control panel. Place “disk mount” in the drawer and just pop it uo so them all mounted stuff and dismount you modem. You can even change the icon, if you don’t like the drawer.

I am curious if it will work for other, but did for me,