Nouveau + kernel 3.16 + Nvidia GTX 580 = constant freeze!

Nouveau + kernel 3.16 + Nvidia GTX 580 = constant freeze!

This combination makes X freeze consistently. This is so sad, because I wanted to move from
Ubuntu 12.04 to OpenSUSE 13.2, only to discover they chose kernel 3.16. Even debian Jessie, sigh. :frowning:

The only option for us GTX 580 users to make 13.2 work is to install Nvidia’s proprietary drivers, but I would like to avoid that!

I guess Ubuntu 15.04 is my only upgrade option now, unless someone here has any help to offer.
OpenSUSE seems very promising, so I hope I can make it work somehow.


You can make it work just install the NVIDIA drivers. Other wise help debug nouveau You can also try newer kernels.

Why? That’s pretty easy.

I don’t see what the problem here is, using a newer kernel is 2 lines of text - a single copy paste.

zypper ar -f
zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys in --from Kernel_stable kernel-desktop

You’ll get the 3.19 kernel and I’m using it right now myself without issues.