nouveau drivers work but no acceleration help?

Hello, linux newbie here why would my video card work flawlessly in fedora 15 and not in suse?
I notice the only difference is that it uses the “gallium” driver from nouveau but here on suse, it fails to load anything when I open a game using OpenGL
I tried using the offical repo for nvidia and that does not work either
However, while I have found the correct driver from nvidia’s site for my G210 , I have not the slightest clue on how to get into a text only environment to install it
Can anyone help me in this endeavor?

This is an easier way to install the nvidia drivers and doing it this way avoids having to reinstall/recompile the driver after any kernel updates, click the link below:

Your browser should ask about opening it with Yast Metapackage handler, let it do that and you should be asked about adding one or more repositories, let it do that too

You need the linux kernel headers and gcc installed to be able to install the nvidia drivers and I’m not sure whether metapackage handler does this automatically so it would be best to check if you have these installed first

Hope that helps