Nouveau driver and dual screen


Since updating the proprietary nvidia driver to 270 on one of my machines (64 bit, openSUSE 11.4, driver installed the “easy way”) I experienced problems getting a proper X session. I think I have seen this a lot lately which made me think I should give the nouveau driver a go. What has been stopping me until now is that I am not sure how to set up a dual screen setup using the nouveau driver.

How do I configure the nouveau driver to give me two screens in a dual screen setup?

What is the difference between the swrast and the gallium 3D drivers? Why do one of my systems automatically use the swrast 3D driver and another the gallium 3D driver (both openSUSE)? Can I switch between the two based on which one works the best?

When installing the proprietary nvidia driver the “easy way”, is KMS configured correctly and is the nouveau driver blacklisted.? I have a feeling some of my problems are related to these two settings not being correct.

 /Regards, Micke.

are you using KDE as your desktop ?