Notifications not showing

Have installed the latest version (Leap 42.1?) x64 and all updates applied. (Clean install, but reused the home drive.)
A lot of the time after logging in, the running apps/notifications are not showing up…
ie I run Skype, and there is no notification in the notification area to say it is running, same with Amarok, and even the notification that there is a USB device plugged in.
Occasionally, if I reboot, some of the notifications will show up.
When things aren’t showing, there is often a lot of blank spaces in the area, which respond to nothing. Ie you can click/right click that blank areas and nothing happens.
Anyone else noticed this?

I have seen a couple of these things, but not on clean Leap / new user. Most of the Plasma related stuff was easily solved on my wife’s laptop by removing the plasma* files in ~/.config, thus resetting her desktop appearance. I also turned off the Session Restore option and set the desktop to start with a clean session.

Also be sure you get the updates. I’m not 100% understanding what the OP is trying to describe but ther was an early bug the caused some icons on to show. But that has nothign to do wiht the notification applet so confused

Hi, guys!
I have a clean installation of Leap 42.1, and the same problem with Chrome extensions notifications.
Also, I don’t have sound in system notifications.
Thank you, very much.