[Notice] Upcoming changes for PMBS (Packman Build Service)

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If you use packman, then you need to read and follow this thread concerning the changes and downtime;


Thanks, good to know.

Maybe when anyone knows more in the near future, (s)he can post here so that forums members only have to subscribe to this thread to get the highlights.

That and a public notice re any outage windows.

New update;

I will move PMBS during the next few days.

The actual move will take at least 8 hours, and after that I will have to fiddle with all the changes needed, so please expect a downtime of at least a day. I still do not have a definitive date for the move, but it will probably happen on Wednesday or Thursday during the night. I will give you a short heads up beforehand.

Hi All
Latest update;


I will move packman tomorrow, Wednesday, Sep 11th, starting at 6 p.m. CEST (4 p.m. GMT). Transmission will take anything between 8 and 12 hours, and on Thursday morning I will set up access to the new location. Please do not expect PMBS back before Thursday noon, and as usual there will be omissions on my side, and there will be complications. I will send another reminder tomorrow, and of course announce, when it is back up.

Do we get a notice up for it as well?

Good head’s up…
If he hasn’t done a move like this before and has limited Network Admin experience, expect unexpected downtime…

Experience can be key here…
Weeks in advance DNS TTL should be checked and shortened to a few minutes at most to ensure stale records are updated nearly immediately during a move. Overlooking this can mean days of downtime at least…

If the machine can’t be transported “as a unit” and comprises multiple machines, even with best planning there may be surprises in the new location, so that the new machine and configuration is properly configured for the new environment. If you haven’t done a move like this before or are unfamiliar with server configuration, unexpected obstacles can be daunting to make things work with new DHCP, DNS, gateways, etc.

My easiest move was when I did my own DNS and DHCP, and all behind my own firewall, I simply loaded everything fully connected and even running on an UPS, wheeled the whole thing to the new location elsewhere on the floor and plugged in the main connections (power, network), then last steps installing in the new rack. Almost zero downtime but nothing ever is that easy.


Hi All
Move is all done, might be a slow time before any updates trickle through…


He will probably not see it, but: Danke Stefan!