nothing provides... when attempting firefox-esr update.

I’ve only recently started using the mozilla repo, (for firefox-esr).

Attempting an update 52.5.3-1.10 -> 52.5.3-1.11 (so only a rebuild?) results in:

“nothing provides mozilla-nspr >= 52.5.3 needed by firefox-esr-52.5.3-1.11.x86_64”

… is the “nothing provides…” a common occurrence with that repo and just a case of waiting a day or two perhaps.

Must be a mistake in the package dependencies.

mozilla-nss and mozilla-nspr have different versioning schemes and are at version 3.34.1 and 4.17 respectively.

IIANM, the reason is that the %VERSION in these lines will be replaced by the same package’s version starting with rpm 4.14, before the specified command is run (which is intended to query the version of the mozilla-nspr/nss package that is used for building):

Requires:       mozilla-nspr >= %(rpm -q --queryformat '%{VERSION}' mozilla-nspr)
Requires:       mozilla-nss >= %(rpm -q --queryformat '%{VERSION}' mozilla-nss) 

There were fixes for such things all over the distribution in the last weeks, seems that firefox-esr has been “forgotten”…

Ignoring the dependency should be fine though.

OK… Thanks for the explanation.

Is that worthy of a bug report on ?

Sure, if you want to have it fixed. Or wait until somebody else (hopefully the maintainer) notices.

OTOH, one can of course also submit a fix on OBS.
It’s even trivial in this case, just replace %{VERSION} with %%{VERSION}.

I can do that myself later, must fix kdenlive now because I just noticed a similar problem there. (it requires kdenlive-modules now instead of libmlt6-modules on Tumbleweed…) :wink:

Whilst the fix may be trivial, my knowledge of OBS could be written legibly on the head of a pin.

Bug report created:

Actually I already created a fixed package, just still waiting for it to finish building (takes hours it seems) before I submit it…