Nothing provides needed by phython3-qt5

I am trying to install an app which requires python3-qt5 but when I try to install it it gave the error in the title. Should I go with the option “break …the dependence…”?

In fact I had it installed before but a recent update broke my KDE desktop panel so I used “zypper dup” which fixed my problem. Now it seems python3-qt5 was gone after the “zypper dup” fix.


I have the same problem trying to install Calibre. I tried adding the Qt5.6 repo and installing libQt5Core from there but it did not help.

Install the python3 repo for Tumbleweed. Run the following in a root console, then refresh and search for your package

zypper ar -f TW_Python3


Hi !

Same problem here. I read something in mailing list about this.
And maybe this answer of Dimstar may be bring some light:

Now I’m working with Xfce, waiting this be updated…

've phun

Thanks for the update.

This seems to have been fixed now. I installed calibre successfully.