Nothing on panel and no interaction since nvidia 260.19.36 install

Hi all,

I installed the RC1 his mornig and everything went fine.

I decided to install the nvidia driver the “hard way”, the install went fine but obviously, something went wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I installed it, the desktop displays (GNOME), but nothing appear on the panel and I have no interaction with the mouse and the keyboard. Only the desktop with 2 icons.

What I did wrong doc?

Nothing, it’s a bug…

See my post here;
Gnome Panel Desktop Buttons Hidden

Hi malcolmlewis,

I read your thread, but I can’t even make a right-click to make them appear. I have no interaction at all with mouse click. :open_mouth:

Since you install the driver, compiz is kicking in then, logout to the command console ctrl+alt+F1 and login as your user, then;

cd ~/.config/compiz
rm enable-compiz
touch disable-compiz

Press ctrl+alt+F7 to get back to the GUI and then press ctrl+alt + backspace (twice) to restart the X server.

See how that goes.

Hi malcolmlewis,

Thanks, it works.

I’d like to understand what it did though. The commands disabled compiz, right ? If I enabled it again, it’ll produce the same bug ? Is the patch get through factory ?

Correct, now if you open the Control Center and select Desktop Effects
and check the box, does that work?. If it breaks again, then follow the
same procedure…

Yes it’s been fixed in Factory bnc#670124;

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 (x86_64) Kernel
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GPU GeForce 8600 GTS Silent - Driver Version: 260.19.26

No, if I enabled desktop effects, I still have the same problem.

How do I know if the patch has been applied ?

Change the oss and non-oos repo’s to factory and update… :wink:

I normally just add and disable the others as well as the update and just use factory.

On the installation of the 11.4, I thought the repos were factory by default ? Isn’t that supposed to be? Sorry, first time for me to test the factory. :wink:

OK, I’ll do that.

If I use Factory then will it mess up future updates and give me a system that isn’t useful for bug fixing, or is a snapshot of Factory going to become 11.4RC2? I’m getting the same issues at the moment, although “compiz-manager --replace” fixes the issue. The only problem is that I’m having other Compiz-related issues as well, so I don’t want to pull in Factory packages if 11.4 isn’t going to include them as it’ll give me a fix that isn’t in the Gold release :slight_smile: