Notebook recommendation

i, please, can you recommend me a notebook 15.6" in cost up to 400€ (±) and which works with openSuse without big troubles? Everytime I find a npotebook and google troubles, there are some. So maybe direct user experience can help me.

The notebook is mainly intended for home office, multimedia, internet.

Thank you, Martin

What I usually do: I check the tech specs I want (like non-glare display in my case), find a model I like and then check Linux compatibility via Google.

In general, Linux support for notebooks has become much better over the last years. I had openSUSE on various laptops in the past and never had a problem, with brands such as Medion, Toshiba, Acer and last but not least Lenovo. Most of the time the fingerprint readers or the modems don’t work, which I don’t care about.