notebook does not recover from suspend mode

Every other time, my notebook does not recover properly from suspend mode when I open the lid. The computer locks when the lock screen fades in. Sometimes all I see is the lock screen background and the mouse pointer, sometimes I see how the login mask is partially faded in. If this happens, I can’t move the mouse pointer, CTRL+ALT+F-Keys or CTRL+ALT+Backspace don’t work. All I’m left with is a hard shutdown. This happens on a notebook with Intel CPU and Intel integrated graphics with an up-to-date Tumbleweed with Plasma 5.9.2

Here is the dmesg output I could retrieve via SSH:

The critical part seems to be:

  417.263430] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000018
  417.263807] IP: i915_gem_request_alloc+0xb5/0x3c0 [i915]
  417.265244] RIP: i915_gem_request_alloc+0xb5/0x3c0 [i915] RSP: ffffafbb00cd7ca0

Any ideas or hints how I could attack this problem?