Note taking application with encryption/password protection

I’m looking for a note-taking application such as Tomboy or Basket or … but where you can password-protect or encrypt (simple, I don’t want to mess around with key pairs too much) specific notes in that application.


You could try to encrypt the folder where the note are stored, in tomboy, for example.
I didn’t try, and i’m not sure it will actually work, but you could gove ot a try.
I’m not aware of any other solution…But i don’t use this kind of tools :wink:

Once you’ve found what you were looking for, post you feedback so everyone can enjoy :slight_smile:


As far as I know you can actually protect specific notes in BasKet with password.

Ah yes, you are right… there’s an option ‘password’ when right-clicking on a Basket. I just love this little application more and more B)

Anybody knows when will Basket for KDE4 come out?

Well, the current version running great under KDE4 but just like to get rid of KDE3 apps.

Basket and Quanta plus are the two KDE3 apps I use frequently.

Due to being very busy with real life, I’m afraid I have to give up on the development part of BasKet Note Pads. This really hurts me because it is my “baby”, but I have no choice: I haven’t programmed anything since version 1.0. BasKet Note Pads has no developer anymore. Without new developers, I’m afraid the project will have to be stopped (and unavailable on KDE 4).

from: Road to Version 2 - BasKet Note Pads

He’s looking for help if anyone knows C++ and Qt (or have a strong willing to learn them):wink:

Thanks for that, snakedriver :slight_smile:

How I wish I knew C++ and Qt! :frowning:

Some good news. :slight_smile:

The mailing list has been active.

Alpha packaging for KDE4 is also underway: BasKet Note Pads: basket-devel