Note on stuck update

I had an update ‘stuck’ in openSuSE updater for over a week.
I told it to install repeatedly, but it persisted.

Name: hal
Summary: powersave new dbus configuration
Type: security
New Version: 6085-0
Restart: No

I ran a zypper up and it’s now gone. Just a tip in case others
run into ‘stuck’ updates.

good one -worked for me too

resulted in

The following patch is going to be downgraded:

10.3 command for zypper is (as root)

zypper update

use -h or
Zypper/Versions - openSUSE
for info on more options

Thanks for the tip! I can’t believe it took me this long to Google for an answer. I kept trying to figure out what it needed in YAST.

I did not get the “downgrade” message, however. After running “zypper up”, my message said “Nothing to be done”. But it cleared out whatever corruption was in the packages database and Updater is no longer telling me to install HAL.