not working

i have tryed both live cd and neither of them are giving me the option to install. Also i tryed running both of them after the loading screen it goes black and stays like that. So i cant seem to get either options to work any advice?

Are you installing KDE or Gnome?

i tried both neither are working

Try installation DVD. It should be much better.

ars3niy is right,

The livecd’s are more to give an idea of how linux works without installing it on your computer.

You should be able to install from the livecd’s (I do numerous amounts of times) but the DVD is probably the best way to install. It also has many more programs than the livecd’s do.

In either case, Good Luck, and welcome to openSUSE!


> Try installation DVD. It should be much better.

and, make SURE you read/pay attention to/follow the advice in:

and, going through this can save a lot of time also: