not working peazip

i installed application peazip in the repo “home:ecsos” not work. and test other repo re-download repo “home:xdf:hfs” but not running .
do not run in the opensuse 42.1?

Use the package from this repo, the command installs the Pascal repository.

zypper ar -f lang:Pascal_421

When you use a package from a “home” repo, it’s some individual’s work.
If you use a package from a non-home repo, it’s the work of a community of individuals.


I test and install repo pascal not work
when running with terminl
show error

:~> peazip
peazip: symbol lookup error: peazip: undefined symbol: QApplication_hook_hook_commitDataRequest

this is one of those rare occasions when it’s packman’s fault,
packman carries a problematic version of libQt4Pas5
I use doublecmd and if I use packman’s version of libQt4Pas5 I get the same error, the solution is simple force install of libQt4Pas5 from the pascal repo

zypper in -f

It’s not necessarily a problematic but an old library libQt4Pas5
from packman 2.1
from pascal 2.5
I’m not sure how does one ask packman to update or even remove a library as I don’t see the need for libQt4Pas5 to be hosted by packman, maybe a 3rd party application from packman needs that old version of libQt4Pas5.
ps you can update to peazip from home:ecsos as the only reason for your issue was not related to the repository.

after libQt4Pas5 update from packman 2.1 to pascal 2.5
now running and very good works
Thank you.