Not work mouse pointer acceleration

today installed openSUSE tumbleweed
i can’t change speed mouse point
system settengs->input devices->mouse
pointer acceleration “20.x”
pointer thresshod “5 pixels”
butt Change does not come at the speed of mouse

Not sure why the graphical desktop utility is unable to configure the mouse as desired. Does it require logging out and back in to take effect perhaps?

Anyway, confirm that the Xorg input driver managing your mouse is libinput…

grep "Using input driver" /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Find your mouse device listed here


then using the numeric ID for the mouse report back with

xinput list-props <mouse ID>

Maybe this will be helpful to you

This thread reminds me of another I participated in last year…

With the move to using libinput, there seems to have been a regression with the graphical kcm module (kcmshell5 mouse).

Thanks solved my problem

Glad to have been of help.