not work avidemux

I install avidemux but not show icon and can’t runing with konsole and reboot system but I don’t see app avidemux for runing but installed avidemux.
Is the problem of opensuse 42.1?

this is not the right place to ask about apps but hey let’s try and help
where did you install avidemux from, post your repo list

zypper lr -d

I do not know why avidemux does not work for you, but I can say that this is not a LEAP problem, but it is likely a problem specific to your PC’s LEAP configuration.

I just successfully launched avidemux on a LEAP-42.1 system to confirm such. On my LEAP-42.1 I have avidemux and avidemux-qt installed.

wrt the LEAP icon, there is an openSUSE convention wrt application launch icons (for KDE - and likely for Gnome also < not sure > ) that I recommend you learn and remember, and that is the application icons are stored under /usr/share/applications. One simply needs to navigate there as a regular user, and drag the icon into one’s KDE desktop folder of choice. And again, I can not say enough how I strongly recommend one learn this technique.

Did you install the avidemux-gtk or avidemux-qt package?

Thanks to all
after install avidemux-gtk now work avidemux-gk and avidemux-qt4
I don’t know why don’t work avidemux
But work. And runing avidemux-gtk and avidemux-qt4

where did you get them from, multimedia apps need to be installed from packman.

I added rpo packman and run softwar manager and find avidemux then install but not working
After selected avidemux-qt and avidemux-gtk then install now working avidemux-qtk and avidemux-qt

avidemux is a command line program (cli in unix/linux parlance), avidemux-qt and avidemux-gtk are graphical frontends to avidemux. I hope this helps to explain.

P.S. - You only had to install one of the two programs (avidemux-qt or avidemux-gtk), not both.