Not work add-ons in the site firefox!

I installed firefox 57.0
For me not works add-ons “Toggle JavaScript engine on and off” and “block easy image” (And maybe all add-ons) in the Site “
Add-ons work all sites except site “
Is that the same for you?
Is this site an exception for you too?

I haven’t tried firefox 57 (yet).

My understanding is that the interface for extensions has been completely changed. The old extensions no longer work.

Thanks for reply Yes. most old extensions not working in 57, also new add-ons not work (Effectless) just site itself Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)

your issue is that addons don’t work on the mozilla’s addons site
this is by design to prevent hijacking webext addons don’t work on
old style addons running on esr can still modify

If you upgraded to Firefox Quantum and the old addons have been updated but are not working, then uninstall the addon from the legacy screen and reinstall it. Worked for me in the case of Noscript suite and some others.

no do not do that
the OP’s issue is that addons that modify webpages can not change pages on
this is by design you can read about it in the Modify_a_web_page api
Modify a web page - Mozilla | MDN
if you scroll down that page in a small script you can find

Note that although this video shows the content script working in, content scripts are currently blocked for this site.

this is a security feature there has been a lot of lock down in the new Firefox

regarding legacy addons it was pure luck that the noscript dev just released a webext addon so you could install it

a lot of old addons can not and will not be ported but some are lagging behind if you uninstall them you will not be able to install the legacy xpi’s from so you will be forced to manually check when a webext update is finally released it’s better to leave them allone and just wait for an update Firefox will update them when the devs finally release an update
there are a few addons I use that haven’t been updated yet Flagfox, downthemall and flashgot they will be getting a webext update
DownThemAll! » Delays…
Pls update FlashGot support firefox 57 ( firefox Quantum) - InformAction Forums
removing them and trying to reinstall them from AMO will break things do not do that
addons are not only blocked from modifying AMO but they are blocked from changing a Firefox preference or a theme or access the local file system ie addons can’t write to disk not only addons plugins are blocked from accessing local storage ie flash can not open local flash files,
this is both good and bad users gain extra security and privacy but loose a lot of addons that need those permissions