Not sure what else is missing, but...some documentation, for sure

just installed tumbleweed about a week ago, and it was missing coreutils-doc, so I had no man pages for some pretty basic stuff…ls, ln, rm, dircolors, etc. I found the solution here on the forums, but now I’m wondering what else is missing from TW (which I otherwise am really enjoying.)

I have never run into that problem.

Check the recommended packages. You can do that with

Yast → Software Management → View → Package Classification

Anything important that does not fit on the installer DVD will probably show up as a recommended packages.

Or you can try:

zypper inr

to install all of them in one shot.

Is pattern documentation installed?

bor@tw:~> zypper se -t pattern -x documentation

the pattern Documentation was not installed, though Help and Support Documentation was.

The package patterns-base-documentation was not installed. Six packages listed under recommended were missing, altogether.

Breeze 5 wallpapers
h264 codec for Mozilla

I’ve installed them now via zypper inr–which brought not the six that “recommended packages” listed but 55 in total! Lots unnecessary, to be sure, but I should be good now.