Not sure about upgrading openSUSE 12.1 KDE 4.7.2 to 4.7.3

Not sure about how to handle the openSUSE branding packages that yast can’t find;

#### YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2011-11-20 02:35:53 ####

kwin-4.7.3-9.1.i586 requires kdebase4-workspace-branding = 4.7.3, but can't be done
needed providers: kdebase4-workspace-branding-upstream-4.7.3-9.1.i586[KR47]

kdelibs4-4.7.3-10.2.i586 requires kdelibs4-branding = 4.7, but can't be done
needed providers: kdelibs4-branding-upstream-4.7.3-10.2.i586[KR47]

kdm-4.7.3-9.1.i586 requires kdm-branding = 4.7, but can't be done
needed providers: kdm-branding-upstream-4.7.3-9.1.i586[KR47]

#### YaST2 conflicts list END ###

What exactly am I missing here with these branding packages?? Can’t I just pass over them or actually I should look in other repo(s)??
Thanks in advance!

I would guess that you are updating to kde 4.7.3 from:-

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Release:/47/openSUSE_12.1

I hit the same problem and upgraded to 4.7.3 via the factory repo

Index of /factory/repo/oss/suse

I did not update everything just the kde rpm’s

So you find those branding packages in factory repo didn’t you? I have read that Upstream repo may not be ready yet if so this make more sence… and it shouldn’t be active haha.

So you can say that required branding packages exist in factory repos???
BTW I have read that KDE Upstream repos for 12.1 may not be ready yet…

I did not have any problems with any packages using the factory repo on the kde 4.7.3 updates.

I see, anyway I would like to find out what’s the issue with the upstream repo as I prefer to keep in the stable line.

Finally Stephan Kulow from mail lists fix KR47. Can´t try the upgrade again until I go back home but branding packages should be there now.