not show update kernel

hi i added repository (home:dsterba:grsecurity:gcc48) and enable for update kernel 4.1.13 but when check online update not show update kernel-desktop 4.13 why? ---- how to show update desktop-kernel into online update for update ? ----- and for me many repositories kde app,KDE:Frameworks5, packman, plasma updater, … but not found new update for kde application only show for mozila and security ?

Because this is not update. Updates come from official update repository. If you want to install package from some other repository, you need to do it manually for the first time. Once you do it, you will not receive updates from official update repo for this package any more and need to rely on maintainer of third-party repo to update it.

i add repo (home:dsterba:grsecurity:gcc48) and enable----- What to do?-----Do you explain a little more

Why a newer kernel from an /home Repo?

Did something not work with the Kernel build in Leap?
And if you have installed Driver from f.e. Nvidia-, ATI- or Packman Repo, they will not work anymore.

For Repos I would say:
less is often more.

So do not enable so many Repos and install Packages from them…

do not use a kernel from a user home repository as those are private testing versions
you can get 4.1.13 from a more official repo
but you are better off waiting for an official update that will come in the update repository, also as Sauerland said you will probably break a lot of applications that wore build with the default kernel

Thank you very much for guidance