Not seeing WIN XP3 shares

I have now got SUSE11.1 re-installed and can boot it and my windows disc.
However unlike previous installations I cannot see shares of other windows machine on network it displays an icon windows network this opens but nothing.
I have a wirelss network card configured and a rhine VIA wired card.
No problems on internet access.
Have I done something different during install.
Guidance appreciated .
Bob Hughes

seems a bit silly to follow up my own post but you learn by fiddling
Seems to be a firewall problem. Turn it off via Yast and security settings and hey presto can see shares and swap files from windows.
Have I configured samba/netbios settings with firewall incorrectly ?
Really don’t like turning firewall off to see windows share.
Have tried using Windows Shares Samba Issue post 17 Feb 2009 but must still be doing something dumb.

Use this method to penetrate the firewall for Samba – look in the Appendix here: SuSEfirewall2: HowTo Firewall a Suse / openSUSE Workstation for LAN Network Traffic

Excellent thanks for setting up web pages.
Tomorrow I’ll attempt to set up the network printer.
Thanks again
Bob hughes