Not Impressed with Windows 7

Hi Everyone,

Here at work, I have been issued with a laptop that unfortunately needs to run windowz. Previously it had windowz xp on it, but I was curious to install windowz 7 ultimate which I did. My work has an MSDN subscription so we get all the latest software. This morning my windowz 7 ulitmate machine hanged for the THIRD TIME since I installed windowz 7. It hang rock solid in such a way that I needed to restart the system. All I did was listening to some mp3’s and opened a web page. (Its an Intel Centrino Duo with 1GB RAM + 160GB HDD)

All I can say is that I cant wait to get back home and relax while working on my openSUSE system and have a lot of fun!!

openSUSE kicks windowz’s but!!!



Re: Not Impressed with Windows 7

How could you be, possibly!
It’s just like a Leach, it only knows one thing…:wink:

Driver problems can often hang a Windows machine. You may need to check which drivers you have

Thats true!
I am unable to install Netscreen VPN software in Windows 7 Ultimate how ever same exe file works on Vista with no prob. Win 7 has still applications compatibility issues. They just want to remain in competition thats why they released Win 7 to get rid of W!n V!sta I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

It beats me why they call it “Windows 7”, if you open a command prompt and type ver, it says 6.1 (from memory).

And seeing as Vista reports 6.0, shouldn’t that logically mean that it is simply a Vista update?

I just googled the fact that windowz 7 displayed windowz 6.1 from command promt.

Here is an interresting article calling windowz 7 windowz vista second edition…

Why Does Windows 7 Think It’s Windows 6.1? - BusinessWeek


it is a massive Service Pack lol!

Isn’t that what they all are?

98 was a massive SP to 95
ME was supposed to be a massive SP to 98, but failed
XP was supposed to be a massive SP to 2k
and so goes the list

you know what they say…

“Windows: a 64 bit patch to a 32 bit operating system and GUI to a 16 bit shell originally coded for a 4 bit microprocessor by a 2 bit company that can’t stand one bit of competition” lol!

rotfl! rotfl!

It beats me why they call it “Windows 7”, if you open a command prompt and type ver, it says 6.1 (from memory).

And seeing as Vista reports 6.0, shouldn’t that logically mean that it is simply a Vista update?

OR they mistakenly put that 6.1, should be 6.001. :wink:

My experience with Windows 7 Ultimate N (which I got from my own MSDN
subscription) was interesting as well…

I’ve got 3 identical Dell D610 laptops here for doing some testing, and I
thought I’d try each system out (one Win7, one openSUSE 11.2 GNOME, and
one openSUSE 11.2 KDE) and see how they fared.

The two openSUSE 11.2 systems work pretty much flawlessly. I had a minor
issue with the network manager on the KDE system not getting a default
route or DNS entries from DHCP. All hardware was discovered and
configured correctly the first time.

The Win7 system, however, was a different story. On the plus side, the
install was the fastest Windows install I have done since Windows 3.1.

On the downside, no drivers for the wireless card, no drivers for the
sound card. For the wireless card, the drivers were downloaded and
installed after plugging into my wired network.

The sound drivers, though - completely different situation. It tried no
less than 3 times to download drivers and failed. Eventually I had to go
to Dell’s website and search - the D610 isn’t formally tested with Win7,
but after a little searching, I found that the WinXP drivers (of all
things) were the recommended solution.

So, on the score of “it just works”, Win7 lost out to openSUSE 11.2,
which actually did “Just work” after installing the software.

I’ve got to do a little testing with various software and hardware
components (I’ve got an Intuos 4 tablet with an experimental driver that
I use on my 64-bit system and I need to check for kernel compatibility
and X server compatibility before moving that system to 11.2), but so
far, I like it.

And as a GNOME user, I have to say that I was impressed in general with
what I saw of the KDE setup. I may have to spend more time playing
around with it once I get my systems upgraded.


Jim Henderson
openSUSE Forums Moderator

Well I can say one thing. Windows 7 is much better then Windows 8. I know, I know. Give it time. You will see I am right.