Not getting the boot screen, with install option

The first screen where there is that option of install, I am not getting that screen.

I am getting the screen with these options instead :

Memory Test

I have 60GB hard-disk,
15GB - Windows partition
20GB - other ntfs partion
22GB - free space (not used for partition, I freed this space by deleting my third partition by running an option from windows xp setup cd)

Dell pentium M laptop - live-cd Gnome 32bit

please help!, it took me 3 days to download that iso

Dude. Choose the first one, this will take you to a live desktop or if the first one fails use failsafe or hit F3 and select vesa.
In fact vesa is probably what you will need.

There is an install icon on the live desktop, though I would always recommend using the DVD for install. Then you will have install option you posted an image of.

Install guide here:Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums