Not comfortable with KDE or Xfce so someone Please advise

I wanted Gnome in 12.1 chose it and learned that my Toshiba lacked capability I guess for Gnome 3. What I had I obviously did not understand. So I re-installed because I did not know if I could make the change and chose Xfce and that as well was not my cup tea. In desperation choose KDE, hey not bad, but what I want if possible is a Gnome configured icon desktop, yea I like the clutter;) So someone please tell me (a) can I install 3 and if so please point me to the “how to”. If not
possible (b) point me to I guess what I had originally and failed to configure. Just trying to learn something beside Ubuntu 12.04
I do appreciate your time and any help and thank you.

Did you try gnome fall back mode?

Try moving to GNOME 3.6, it leans less hard on 3d acceleration. On my laptop, using the intel integrated gpu, it now looks fine, 3.4 had some glitches.

Other options:
Cinnamon (a GNOME2 experience)