Not booting with D-bus error

I am in a serious problem. My keyboard is not working at the BIOS or at GRUB. I have two operating Systems OpenSUSE 12.3 32 bit and Ubuntu 12.04.1 32 bit. My OpenSUSE was booting but I could not switch to Ubuntu. I had BlueJ (Java IDE) installed. Today, I uninstalled it and my OpenSUSE too is not booting up. On pressing the arrow keys, an infinite loop of this message is being produced:

Starting D-bus System Message Bus...
[FAILED] Failed to start D-bus System Message Bus
See 'systemctl status dbus.service' for details.


I don’t know what to do. My PC has become unusable for the time-being. Neither bootable USB or CD is being detected.

Thanx in advance…

P.S.: tty1 login is getting stuck after entering password. Login is being timed out after 60 seconds.*

Re-plugging my USB keyboard allowed me to come into Ubuntu. But my Suse is still not booting.

Thanx again…

Tell us more about the hardware, both for the keyboard and for the Computer. In one case a user had such a problem caused by a low battery in a wireless key/mouse combo.

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Sorry for my late reply. Since I did not receive any mail from OpenSUSE forums, I thought no one had yet replied to my thread.

It is a desktop computer without WiFi. I access Bluetooth through an external dongle which I plug in only when needed. Since the new version of OpenSUSE is coming within a few days, I plan to make a fresh installation but I am afraid I may face the same problem sometime in the future once again…


We are just two days from final release of openSUSE 13.1 and can confirm that after a full system update, after a new install, that bluetooth, run from kde, is working. I just used it to transfer photo’s from my smart phone. I have no idea about a bluetooth network, but you would think it could work.

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