not been here for ages

Well hello you lovely lot, I hardly spend any time on message boards these days and when i do it’s just to look up an error message and google usually points me to ubuntu forums anyway !
But following a glitch in an update patch I guessed my old login (nice to see it still worked after a year or two without much use) and came and had a root around.
I like what you’ve done with the place, the “signs on the doors” could be a little bigger, but really liking the swanky new decor.
I suppose I’ve not been around because I don’t have that many problems anymore (selfish, I know, but my computers are just for my entertainment and as long as they do what I want I can ignore them and get on with other things) and that is a testament to all the hard work and effort going in to linux projects over the years.
I started out on suse 9.1, on a home built pc, with the most expensive video card I could afford (radeon 9600xt). How I cried. How I swore. How I got quake 3 running is still a mystery ! But it was here and other places like it that I learned to cut and paste commands of which I had little understanding.
I still sulk when I have to type command line, but it holds no fear anymore. I used to ask dumb questions and ***** when I got dumb answers, but now I just shut up and read. It’s so funny to read posts from people who are new to linux and trying to do somthing complicated (still seems to be ati related) just as I did, I feel their pain - “wtf is init 3?” - I am glad there are new people learning the hard way ! I didn’t learn linux as much as I learned how to find answers to my problems, but I now have a bunch of laptops, an old desktop hooked up to the tv and a nas all playing nicely together with nfs. My graphics are good enough to play doom3, and my epc701 sends me to sleep with an audiobook, all thanks to the OpenSuse project and the patience of people who know far more than I.
So thank you all, the programmers, the devs, the the mods and the coders, but most of all, thank you noobs, for your questions provide the greatest answers of all.
ttfn :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the forum old timer and Ferret lover!

Welcome to the forum, I’ve been using openSUSE for the past year or so now and love it!

Nice name, here’s how it can be said in my language (cree, unique dialect of plains/woods cree):

misisihkôs nîmihitow (literal: ferret dances, translated:dances with ferrets)

You can replace the word nîmihitow with any of the following:
**wîcisomômitowak **(they dance with one another)
wîci-nîmihitômêw (s/he dances with someone)
wîcisomômêw (s/he dances with someone)

The first translation is the most common one and more appropriate for a person’s name.
The others are mostly used when people tell stories and such.