Not able to use alt+f4 to repair system

After long search I still can’t figure out how to get my system work again.
I made a huge mistake and uninstalled x window system (i think that was xorg and dependencies that allow use of mouse and keyboard in plasma).
Intallation of packages is more difficult as root and home partitions are encrypted.
What I did, is decrypt them as usual in recovery mode and pressing alt-f4 to login to superuser however these keys do not work anymore! And I cant access zypper to install nesessary x window parts again.

This key combo doesn’t work since I installed xdm package via zypper. System is able to start, even show desktop but mouse and keyboard do not work. And for now I managed to use only 1 source - DVD for zypper.
Is xorg mandatory and what are exact package names for plasma x systems as I forgot what I have deleted.
Can do install, but ctrl+alt+f2 or alt+f4 do not work after decrypting home.

Looking for help as now I’m puzzled.

My 2 cents: Start all over. Start with encryprion only after you have a perfectly running system. IMHO you’re trying to do too much at once. And, we can by no means say how severely you broke your systen ( which you did )

I will not use encryption, thanks for advice. Things are easier to do without encryption, like upgrading.
Still wanting to save the system, just to backup some data as starting all over again is more time.

I’ve read posts about editing Grub, and there are safe options for kernel and etc. if booting from DVD.
That could solve this strange loss of keyboard.
Things gone wrong when I uninstalled 1 package that deleted 10 of it’s dependencies or so. Almost sure thats the problem. Then screen and windows disappeared, nice move I did huh :slight_smile:
I’ve been able installing xdm after that, it was set as display manager but that wasnt enough.

So I can boot kernel 4.4.103 or 4.4.92xx (recovery mode).
If I could only access root text mode again. Well, if that doesn’t work, reinstall is next.

Addition: need to do as OP here: but Usb stick not seeing system

Found a solution by entering 3 to Grub “linux” line to enable text mode.
It seems that xf86-input packages were most important, or plasma-nm5-pptp.
Problem Solved