Not able to update openSUSE Leap 42.3

I am not able to update openSUSE Leap 42.3 the repository is giving the following message:

File ‘./repodata/c1693aa2553819d23a97ded730826b407097bd78264184c625fe70be636be944-deltainfo.xml.gz’ not found in the media ‘
Cancel, repeat, or skip? [c / r / i / …? displays all options] (c):

How should I proceed?

Maybe the mirror you use is down. By default your query is redirected to a mirror geographically closer to you. Wait a bit try again and if it continues then ask here again

Change it to and do the same for the non-oss repo and all will be fine.

This URI no longer works (try it)
The original posted URI should be correct.


Same problem here, with the “OSS” repository. I suspected the mirror problem, and, after 1 hour, all was resolved,

Thanks TSU: not sure if zypper had picked up the change but the non-oss URL had reverted to plain /non-oss/ in my list of repositories - the date of the change to the oss directory is today but I have not run zypper since the change.

Came back to match correctly.