Not able to recover the system with snapper

I recently had my system broken trying to install spotify with spotify-install package from official OpenSuse repositories. The installation required package and I manually installed it.
After that my system was no longer functional as the screen refreshing started to behave weirdly. I obviously resorted to recovery of the system using a snapshot. I’ve chosen a several pre-installation ones, but the each time I tried to boot from them, my problem didn’t vanish. I had to completely reinstall my system from usb, as I needed the PC to be functional right then.
Could someone please explain me why I was not able to eliminate the problem just booting from the snapshot? How can I protect myself from the future system failures if snapper doesn’t seem to work?
And perhaps someone can explain me additionally why broke my system in the first place?

Unknown why your system broke… Could you have installed a package for a different architecture?
Also, some of these libcrypt errors are due to a naming convention problem, not actually a different version. These situations should be addressed by symlinking the expected name to the actual library name.

As for recovering…
Instead of pave and re-build, you might have been able to repair your system using a DVD image. A “repair” should re-install packages that were good when the DVD was released, so after a successful repair you would want to immediately update your systerm.


A little bit off topic, Spotify runs perfectly in Firefox. I have run it that way for the last year or so. Other methods, including snap images, have been troublesome whenever there is an update.