Not able to log in. Stuck on log in screen.

I was able to login until i did change some appearence settings. Now I cannot do anything.>:(. Please help me. I cannot find anyway except uninstalling it. Please Help.

What Operating System and if openSUSE is it kde or gnome?

Your file path in your post which is from a windows directory is no good here, you have to upload files to a place like

You say you can’t login, but are you at a green login screen or a prompt?

I use open suse 11.2 kde. And I dont know what is that green screen termed as . The computer sticks to thet screen. Before it was alright but after I changed some appearence settings, its happening.

Do this at the green screen:

at the prompt enter your username and your password
(Password does not display as you type)

Once logged in at the prompt do this:

mv .kde4 .kde4-old

now type: startx

Thanks. But I cannot even see the username and password prompt. The progress bar reaches 50%(it looks like that) and stays there. Please help.

Normally does your computer log you in automatically?


First. Please try the Failsafe boot option and tell me what happens

I started the failsafe mode but what next. I

Do you remember what you did before, the settings you changed? Do you think you can change them back?

But do this as well anyway:
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

It’s better if you have auto-login off.

If you can’t remember I can help, but you will have to re-do many settings for your desktop.

Get back to me.

Yes, I remember what I have done.

See how you get on and let me know

But to change the settings I need to get to the control panel of suse.

I thought you were logged in already under failsafe, or don’t you have a GUI?

after logging under fail safe what should i do.

You need to tell me if you have a working desktop under the failsafe login!