not able to copy, move or paste files in KDE 4 desktop

Hello to All,
I download WEb files to desktop KDE 4,openSUSE 11.0, but have no option or capability to move or copy to another folder or usb drive.

Also, in order to use the search feature of this forum I am not able to get through the security image without having three or four failures with the image. This makes searching quite painful to say the least.
Is it my XPS M1330 laptop screen? or is this hard for others too?

Thanks for the help.


When I right click on the desktop my only choices are…

Run Command
Add Widgets
Add Panel
Configure Desktop
Align Horizontally
Align Vertically
Lock Widgets
Lock Screen

There are no obtions for mount/unmount or copy, paste, delete.
There are no options for normal computer work on this desktop.
If one downloads to the Desktop, the file will remain there.

I don’t want to have to logon as root and go to the web, or have to do this always through Terminal.

I am curious why it is like this.:\


Are you confused between the old style desktop and Plasma.

You need to use file manager and go to desktop location or use folder view in the plasma desktop.

It’s not really a desktop in kde4, well not in the sense you are used to.

What version of kde4 are you using. Now we are up to 4.1.3 things are getting much better.

4.0.4 (KDE 4.0.4 >= 20080505) "release 15.2"

In Yast>Software Management I only see KDE 4.04 and older as optioins. How do I see the choice of KDE 4.1.x?
Is this a zypper command?

Umm. No
Nothing like FC6 and certainly not windows.

Folder View on the Plasma Virtual Desktop or the Dolphin file browser.