Nostalgy: booting S.u.S.E. 1.0.9

By chance I found a small booklet of 64 pages when I looked for a cable in a box. The user manual for Linux 1.0.9.

The CD seems to be lost, but I found two old diskettes with the boot and system image. Out of curiosity I booted them on a fairly modern hardware. Result: it still works in runlevel 3. Amazing!

Wonder what people would pay for it on eBay :wink:

That would be good to know, but I’m not planning giving it away. It was my first install with a Linus kernel (played around with Minix before this).

BTW it just struck me that the gecko on the cover is looking to the LEFT side. lol!

According to openSUSE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, this was the second release of S.u.S.E. GmbH :slight_smile:
What is the kernel included? 1.0.9, or 1.1.24? Both of them ? :slight_smile:
Also, the logo did change several times : see lol!

Why did the gecko turn around? Certainly one of the last unsolved mysteries of the universe lol!

What will be next? A gecko facing us? rotfl!

I can see it now, a new genre of why did the gecko (chameleon actually, but gecko’s a snappier word) cross the road riddles. :open_mouth:

I’ve read somewhere (but can’t find the link again) that the geeko changed side for marketing reason.

As most people read from left to right, the old geeko seems to go backward (in the past). Changing it to the other side gives a much more positive image to the company (geeko walking forward, to future and innovation).

I guess this theory is true for most company logo. :wink:

Marketing sounds reasonable because the convention is that people in pictures always look inwards on a page rather than outwards.

What is the kernel included? 1.0.9, or 1.1.24? Both of them ?

Yes, both. The latter was called a “Hacker kernel” in the documentation.

You’re right. I forgot that the odd numbered branches were development version :wink: