noscripts addon

I recently upgraded to Leap 15.2, the only problem I have is that the noscripts icon does not appear in the menubar .
I tired to customize, but that did not show an icon.
I have also tried to use the noscripts web site but never connects.

Here’s the problem, it seems to me that no scripts is not working as I can go to any site and it will work. In previous versions(Leap 15.1) this did not happen, I had to
allow the scripts.

How can I get the icon in the menubar?

Thank you

Is this about the firefox extension, or about something else?

For me, “noscript” in firefox is working the same in 15.2 as it did in 15.1. However, there was a firefox update to 78.x-esr (in both 15.1 and 15.2) that may have affected how it works.

I have solved the problem, I did not allow it in private windows

I don’t think I ran into that problem. I installed “noscript” before that restriction on private windows, so I guess it automatically worked (grandfathered in).