NoScript (Firefox extension) Forum users might wish to hold off updating to

The update to NoScript introduced some changes to the anti-xss cross site scripting protection.

This has resulting in the “redirection shuffle” that performs at log-in as being flagged as “suspicious” by NoScript.

My attempts at creating an exception rule for NoScript have so far failed… I’m just not “geeky” enough I guess.

The following errors occurred with your submission
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There should really be a thread prefix “All” or “Not Applicable”)

In the mean time, it is possible to choose a "load it even if it looks dangerous " (or something like that) from the menu button at right.

I’m still at with noscript. It updates too often for me to bother trying to keep up.

Recently, I have been using “konqueror” for the forum.

Issue fixed with the upcoming release of NoScript.

Release candidate is here if anyone wants it:

I’m currently using that release with no apparent problems…

Thanks for the info.

Thanks. I’ll wait for that one before I update my older version.

Just saw your reply to gogalthorp (you must type faster than me…)

which reminded me…

The version is up at AMO now… from posts on the NoScript forum it seems a lot of sites were flagging false positives.