Noobie Autostart Script Question


I need to make this:

sudo mv /etc/vmware/not_configured /etc/vmware/not_configured.old

happen automatically when booting my system.

Thanks In Advance!


Place it in /etc/rc.d/boot.local

On SuSE you don’t use sudo so you can simply put the mv statement there as you’ll be running with root privileges during the script execution anyway.

wouldn’t it be better to actually fix your issue with vmware instead of working around it by doing something every boot?

there seems to be an issue with you vmware installation or a conflict with another vmware product (wmwareplayer perhaps?)

this helped for me (although i was on debian at the time)

purge actual vmware init scripts:

update-rc.d -f vmware remove

reinsert init scripts at the very end of init process:

update-rc.d vmware defaults 99


Thank you for the info!


Sure it would be better! I will try your solution. Whatever works…



BTW… At least on this forum i got responses… which on the
Ubuntu forum NEVER happened at all… which is another reason
for me to be switching to Suse which has been downloading for
HOURS…Phew!! Over 4 gigs!

Thanks Again!