Noob request - Windows 7 - Linux

Hi all!

I’m very new to Linux and so please be kind and try a “for dummies” “step by step” way, thanks in advance :wink:

I have a totally naked sys… (not really but i’ll start all over again)

i wanna install suse also as windows 7

found a few links but all where themed with one of both systems already installed…

my questions:

which OS installing first?
how to enable both in the grub?

tried different ways (8 times renewede my sytem) but no chance.

i’m german so perhaps its a language problem, who knows? hope that anybody can help me, thanks in advance!

I would suggest to install W7 1st and then install 11.2, grub will automatically configure both OS.

Dual boot: openSUSE 11.2 installation with Windows 7 - openSUSE Forums

oh ok… thanks a lot for the answer, i tried with 11.1 and had only problems… no grub installing was possible… currently downloading 11.2… hope it’ll work. Thanks for advice :slight_smile:

Well, it worked, thanks again.

Notice to myself: “Always download newest version!”