Noob Needing Help

Hi Guys ive just installed opensuse 11, and my usb TP-Link (TL-WN321G) isnt working :frowning: i tried configuring it, but keeps saying not connected …

Its quite funny because ive been trying other Linux Distro’s, and having major problems with my gfx card (Np’s With Internet)

So i download open suse 11, and i manage to get my resolution/refresh rate etc …

But no internet connection lol

If Anyone Can Help Me It Would Be Greatly Appreciated

Cheers Brucey

post the output of

lspci -v

from a console,as root. As a hazarded guess, madwifi drivers may be the way to go


Hi thanx for the reply, i typed the command in the terminal, and it said “unknown command”

I will try madwifi and see if that works


The only way the command won’t work,is, if you did not su to root first. Steps to follow:-

1 ) open a console
2 ) type su & press enter
3 ) type in root’s password & press enter. You won’t see anything as you type,this is for security
4 ) type lspci -v & press enter ( copy/paste if necessary )
5 ) highlight the output & paste here