Noob need help

i look through 4 page. but can find what i was looking for. and to lazy to make a search.

right now i’m using kde4. but can i switch to kde3.5? Without losing any thing i have done so far? i have a DVD for installing. can i do this or i have to uninstall the hole thing?

Actually, it is very easy to install KDE3.

Although, if you have the space, then I would keep KDE4 on your system, because removing it is very hard without causing problems.

To install KDE3, open YaST Installer (issue the command sudo yast2 --install, and then enter your root password in the terminal if it is easier for you) and wait for the repositories to load. Once they have finished loading, you will see a dropdown on the bottom-left (or on the left side to be more general since I’m using the Gnome version of YaST2) labeled Groups. Press this dropdown and instead select Patterns. When you do this, the list may take a second or two to refresh. Once it finishes, scroll down in the list in the left column until you find the heading Graphical Environments. In that list, you will find 2 packages: KDE3 Base System and KDE3 Desktop Environment. Click on the first package and press the button Install All, and if the desktop environment package does not also get marked for installation (due to dependencies, it may automatically get marked for installation), then click it as well and press the Install All button. Once you have slated these patterns for installation, press the Apply button to finalize the installation. The installation may take a few minutes to complete due to the size of the packages. Once the installation is complete, then exit YaST.

To switch to KDE3, logout of the KDE4 and wait for the user boot screen to load. When it does, you will find a link on the bottom-left labeled: Sessions. Click this link and a prompt will appear with the session options. From this list, find KDE3 and select it. Save this change by pressing the Change Session button. Enter your username and password, and you will be asked through a prompt if you want to make this current session, or use it just for this time; choose to use it as the default. From now on, you won’t have to select KDE3 from the Session menu again; when you enter your username and password, you will automatically be booted into KDE3 since you have selected to use it as the default session.

Sorry for the length of this.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: