Noob:Error while copying to USB Memkey in SUSE

Hi, Im still starting with SUSE. :smiley:
May somebody help me copy files again to external devices? (USB memkeys, floppy) ?

What happened?
I was playing with different scripts, below are the chronology of events:

  1. Made Nautilus as a root
    su -
    password: ****
    Result: Able to copy files to USB memkeys

  2. Tried another script
    xhost + localhost
    localhost being added to access control list
    sudo nautilus --display=0:0
    Result: (nautilus:4550): Gtk-WARNING **:cannot open display: 0:0

  3. Tried copying files again to USB memkey as a root user, the following error message appeared.
    [Error “Invalid parameters” while copying"/home/Architec…nux-6ovf:~.png"]

I dont know if I had messed up something within it. Please help me…:confused:
Thanks in advance