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when i try to install opensuse, after a bunch of t ext goes down the screen (none):confused: # comes up on the screen and it stays there forever and i cant do anything else

Looks like you didn’t supply a username and password (unless your username is “none”). Try reinstalling and make sure you enter your desired username and a password for the user and root when prompted by the installation routine.

i didnt install yet this is on the livecd

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Maybe you burned a bad CD or the ISO you downloaded has a problem. You might try re-downloading and burning a new ISO.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll need more information. What processor, how much RAM, type of video card, sound card, etc. It may be a problem with a particular piece of hardware on your system. Usually there is a workaround.

it is a emachines t1842. heres something i copy and pasted about it.

Product Details and Features
Product MPN
MPN T1842
Key Features
Form Factor What is “Form Factor”?
Processor Intel Celeron 1.8 GHz
Installed Memory 128 MB (DDR SDRAM)
Operating System What is “Operating System”?
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Recommended Use Home Use
Processor Type What is “Processor Type”?
Intel Celeron
Processor Speed What is “Processor Speed”?
1.8 GHz
Processor Manufacturer Intel
Bus Speed 400 MHz
RAM Technology DDR SDRAM
Installed RAM What is “Installed RAM”?
128 MB
Installed Cache Memory 128 KB
Hard Drive
Hard Drive Capacity What is “Hard Drive Capacity”?
40 GB
Optical Drive Type What is “Optical Drive Type”?
Optical Drive Read Speed 48x (CD)
Other Drives
Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy
Audio / Video
Audio Output Type Sound Card
Modem Type Fax / Modem
Networking Type Network Adapter
Data Link Protocol Ethernet • Fast Ethernet
Width 7.25 in.
Depth 16 in.
Height 14.14 in.
Warranty 1 Year
Product ID 20704682

eMachines T1842 Product Information

Looking at the system requirements here:

Download Help - openSUSE

You only have 128 MB of RAM… this could be the problem. I would add more RAM and try again (just my 2 cents).