Non system disk error on booting openSUSE on empty Compaq

Just got a boxed version of openSUSE 11.1 with CD and DVD. Purpose is to gain experience with Linux, on a fully emptied Compaq machine, formely using Windows XP Home. The BIOS takes the CD ROM as primary boot station. However I keep getting the message ´Non-System disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready´. Can anyone get me started? Thanx, Jeroen.

Hey van_ingen,

Just for knowledge, how did you empty the hard drive in the first place?
And double check if the hard drive is not the first boot option in your BIOS boot order. On my computer, at least, if I let the hard drive be the first option and it’s not bootable it doesn’t automatically pass on to the other options (i.e., cd-rom).

Also, does the message show up when you first put the cd/dvd in the drive or after you installed?

Finally - check with Compaq’s website’s forums, you may find some answers there.

I hope you don’t get scared away, :wink:

I have two Compaq Presario computers. My old one a S6000CL and my main one is a SR5123WM.

What model is your Compaq?