non-oss repository problem

I am unable to refresh the non-oss repository this morning, and in the process of trying to change it to pint to a different location I messed up my source repo :frowning:

Can someone please give me the location of the non-oss and source repo’s

Thank you :shame:


Is it so hard to remember and find it by yourself :wink: ?? But since you’re so lazy there you go :slight_smile:

Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss

Index of /source/distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss

P.S. What do you need those source repositories for??

I’m sorry I forgot to mention that it is for Milestone 6 :X

Otherwise I would have gotten them myself :slight_smile:


Here you have the oss and non-oss repo’s

Index of /factory/repo

And here source (what the hell do you need it for anyway? )

And here source for oss and non-oss

Index of /source/factory/repo

Choose you poison :slight_smile:

I just like to have all of my repositories working that’s all :slight_smile:


And thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, and keep in mind you don’t need source repositories unless you compile something the applications for yourself :slight_smile:

I did a m6 install (with a number of problems) but the default repos in m6 were 11.2/oss and 11.2/non-oss, which don’t exist yet. It didn’t point to the factory repos. If you opened yast, it would fail first on the non-oss repo.