NON-Live USB install.

Ok, so I have been successfully able to install openSUSE to my computer using a live-USB. This is well and good, but I’ve determined that I would really like the options given to me in a full install of the OS (as one would from a DVD).

The problem is, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the full install to work from the usb. I tried the exact same method as the Live-USB (win32diskimager method) and my machine boots right past the USB as if it were not bootable.

I’ve tried formatting the device, creating a single partition, marking it as active and installing the contents of the ISO to the drive directly. This time the USB boots, but I’m instantly informed to restart due to boot disk failure.

How can I get the regular CD to boot from USB. Also, to help me understand the issue, what exactly is it that makes the LiveCD install boot?

You can get all the packages from the repertories.

Yast-software management

you could also use the network install.