Non-gamer needs advice

haven’t done any gaming at all under opensuse, but my grandson has run across old games that i have (doom2, quake, etc) that he was interested in trying. unfortnately i don’t have any win boxes anymore, so where do i start?

get dosbox-qt from packman? run them under wine which is already installed? which would provide the best graphics using proprietary drivers and 3D?

i’m out of my element, any suggestions?

Wine might install doom2 and quake but have never tried it. I play Doom3 and Quake4 natively using the linux installer. I found these old howto guides to install Doom2 and Quake natively you can give those a whirl and see what happens Linux Quake HOWTO and Linux DOOM FAQ and of course you can try dosbox too. Hope this helps you.